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Are Limefuel batteries compatible with 220-240V?

Yes, Limefuel battery packs can be charged from a 220-240V power supply. You will need to use a USB-based wall charger (like the one that came with your tablet or phone) and possibly an international outlet adapter


Do you sell and ship internationally?

We do! International customers can purchase from our shop or through any of our international channels. Click the green Shop Now box in the top right corner of this website. Select your country from the drop down and then select your prefered online retailer.


Do you sell Limefuel products locally or in retail stores?

At this time, Limefuel products are only available online directly from us or through authorized resellers. To purchase online, click the green Shop Now box in the top right corner of this website. Select your country from the drop down and then select your prefered online retailer.


What sort of warranty do you offer on Limefuel products?

We offer a limited twelve month warranty on all Limefuel products! For details, please see the warranty section above.


What is your return policy?

For returns or refunds, please contact the online retailer from which you originally purchased the Limefuel product. For products purchased through our shop, please email support@limefuel.com for assistance.


Can Limefuel batteries be carried on an airplane?

Limefuel batteries contain Lithium-ion cells which fall within TSA restrictions posted for Lithium-ion batteries for carry-on luggage. Limefuel batteries are safe for carry-on luggage but should not be packed in checked luggage due to FAA regulations.
Even if an item is typically permitted, it may be subject to additional screening or not allowed through if it triggers an alarm during the screening process, appears tampered with or poses other security concerns. Final decision lies with the TSA on whether to allow items on the plane. Limefuel can only confirm that our batteries follow TSA guidelines. We can not guarantee that our batteries will always be allowed to be carried on or used on a plane. We accept no responsibility for denial of battery carry-on or any other issue that may occur concerning a Limefuel battery at the airport.
Please, always check TSA and FAA regulations prior to travel.


Will the Limefuel battery turn off once my device is fully charged?

Yes. The Limefuel batteries are equipped with an auto-off feature and will shut off once the connected device had charged completely or if the battery is inactive for between 5-15 seconds.


Will a device charge from the battery while the battery is charging?

All current Limefuel battery circuit designs include pass-through charging capabilities with the exception of the BLAST L25X.


Can Limefuel batteries charge two devices at the same time?

Yes, the Limefuel Blast, Rugged and Burst batteries all support charging two devices simultaneously. Please only charge two devices at once with the Burst even though it has three output options.


Can Limefuel batteries charge a laptop?

No. Limefuel batteries have a 5V output which unfortunately is not enough to charge laptop computers. Most laptops utilize ~18.5V+. We designed Limefuel external battery packs specifically to charge USB powered products such as cameras, mp3 players, Bluetooth headsets, mobile phones, etc.


Can Limefuel batteries be charged with a solar charger?

As long as the solar charger outputs at 5V, it will charge Limefuel batteries. If the solar charger outputs at a voltage other than 5V, you may require an adapter to properly charge the Limefuel battery.


Is my device compatible with the Limefuel battery if it’s not listed on the compatibility list?

Limefuel portable external battery packs are designed to be compatible with most devices meant to be charged from a 5V or USB powered source. To confirm compatibility, check the AC wall charger that came with your device. If the output rating is 5V, then your device is compatible with Limefuel batteries. If you’re still unsure, contact us, we’re happy to help!


Are Limefuel batteries compatible with the latest Apple devices and iOS releases?

Yes, Limefuel external batteries are compatible with the iPhone 5S, iPad 4 and iPad Mini and Air. Please use the original white Apple cable that was included with your device to charge.
The built-in lightning compatible cable in the L50X2L Burst battery is able to charge Apple devices with iOS 7. You may see an error that the connected battery is not compatible, but the device will still charge.
The L50X2L will not work with iPhone 5S device.


Is a wall charger included in the package?

We do not include an AC wall charger in our packages. Any 5V/1A or 5V/2A AC adapter can be used to charge Limefuel external batteries. You may use the wall charger that came with your device.


How do I charge the Limefuel battery pack?

Connect the micro USB end of the included charging cable (or your own cable) into the external battery input port labeled IN. Insert the USB end of the cable into a compatible wall charger (like the one that came with your device), a car charger or computer USB port and the battery will automatically begin to charge.


Which are the input and output ports on my Limefuel battery?

The input port on a Limefuel battery is the micro USB port labeled IN. This port accepts a Micro USB to USB cable to charge the battery via AC wall charger.
The output port is a USB port labeled OUT. The output ports accept a USB cable that connects to your device for charging from the battery.


How can I tell if my battery is fully charged?

As the external battery charges, the LED indicating lights will blink, indicating level of charge. Each LED light indicates 25% of the battery’s capacity. Once the battery is fully charged, all LED lights will remain steadily lit and battery unit will automatically turn off after being unplugged.
For more specifics on each battery model, please visit the Manuals section above to download a copy of the battery’s manual.


Can the larger iPad charger be used to charge Limefuel batteries?

Yes, in fact the iPad charger will charge the Limefuel Blast and Rugged at 5V/2A so the battery will charge twice as fast as with a 5V/1A charger.


Will leaving my Limefuel battery plugged in to a charger at all times be detrimental to cell life?

Yes, unnecessarily charging the battery at all times will shorten the life of lithium-ion cells. Please unplug your Limefuel battery from the charger once it is fully charged.


How do I charge my device using the Limefuel battery pack?

Our Limefuel batteries have two output ports, each outputting 5V/2.4A(max). Connect the USB cable to the output port on the battery. Connect the other end of the cable to your device.
The Blast and Rugged battery will automatically turn on and begin charging your device. If the Blast battery does not turn on, press the power button once.
Press the power button on the side of the Burst battery to power on the battery and begin charging your device.


How do I charge my Nexus 5 using the Limefuel battery case?

Press and hold the power button on the back of the battery case to to activate the case and begin charging your Nexus 5 phone.


How do I turn the flashlight on my Blast battery on and off?

To turn on the LED flashlight on Blast battery models, press the power button quickly twice. Similar to a double click. The flashlight is turned off in the same manner.


Can my device be used while charging it with the Limefuel battery?

Yes, you can use your device while it is charging from the Limefuel battery. Be aware that this will cause your device to take longer to charge than if you were not using your device at the same time.


How many times will a Limefuel battery pack charge my device?

This varies widely depending on device and the Limefuel battery you have. To calculate, take the mAh of your Limefuel battery and divide that by the mAh of your device’s battery. If you do not know the mAh of your device’s battery, it can usually be found on the battery itself, in specifications from the manufacturer or by searching Google.
For example, if you have the Limefuel Blast L180X and an HTC One smartphone, take 18000mAh divided by 2300mAh (18000/2300=7.83). You should be able to charge the HTC One approximately 7 times with the L180X.


I’ve tested my battery and I’m not getting the full mAh from it. Is my battery defective?

All lithium batteries lose some energy and are not 100% efficient. Although a battery may be rated at 13000mAh, it will not fully discharge all of the stored battery power. Some energy is lost through heat and resistance. Some power may also be lost when the battery is not in use depending on the condition of the storage environment.
If you believe your Limefuel battery is underperforming substantially, please contact us to troubleshoot and determine the issue.


How long will it take the Limefuel battery to charge my device?

The time it takes for the Limefuel battery to charge your device varies depending on device and the battery output port you chose to connect your device to. Typically, charging your device will take about as long as it would if you were to charge with the original wall charger.


How many uses or cycles can I get out of my Limefuel battery?

The high quality lithium battery cells found in Limefuel batteries will last for over 500 cycles before they lose some of their ability to store energy. A cycle is one full charge and discharge of the battery. After the 500 cycles, the battery will still function and charge your device, possibly just not at the full mAh capacity.
If your Limefuel battery is at the end of it’s life, please recycle it responsibly.


How long can a Limefuel battery be stored without use?

Limefuel batteries should retain some charge for up to one year. However, there will be some power loss and the battery may not hold it’s entire charge. We recommend you charge and discharge your battery once a month.


Can the Limefuel battery cells be upgraded?

No. Because Limefuel batteries are completely sealed for safety, the case should not be opened and the internal components should not be modified in any way. Please do not open or tamper with the battery.
If your Limefuel battery is at the end of it’s life, please recycle it responsibly.


If my battery is broken, will you repair it?

We do not offer any repair services. Please review our warranty policies to determine if your battery is covered by our warranty and contact us for a replacement.


Why is my Limefuel battery failing to charge?

Please check that the connection between your Limefuel battery and the charger is secure. It is possible you may need to try using a different cord, charger or both. If the problem persists please contact us so we may troubleshoot and solve the issue.


Why is the Limefuel battery not charging my device?

Please check that the connection between your Limefuel battery and your device is secure. Be sure that the external battery holds a charge. You may need to charge the battery or try using a different cord. Lastly, check that the battery’s voltage and output are compatible with your device. If the problem persists please contact us so we may troubleshoot and solve the issue.


My Limefuel Blast is making a loud noise when charging a device. Is this normal?

Some of the very early Blast production units can emit a high pitched sound or buzz when charging a device. These are mostly older, Kickstarter units. The noise is completely normal and is not dangerous. If you are still concerned, please contact us.


When I charge my Limefuel Blast the LEDs flash a few times and then shut off and battery doesn’t seem to charge. What do I do?

When the Limefuel Blast is fully charged, all four LED lights will remain steadily lit. Please try using a different cord, a different charger or combination of the two to charge your battery. In most cases, this solves the issue. If the problem persists please contact us so we may troubleshoot to solve the issue.


Will the Limefuel Blast and Rugged power the Raspberry Pi?

Yes! The Blast and Rugged batteries output at 5V which matches the specs laid out here for the Raspberry Pi: http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/260


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